Al Rajhi’s Friends & Family Programme Gives You The Best Deals in Personal, Home and Auto Financing.

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Al Rajhi’s Friends & Family Programme Gives You The Best Deals in Personal, Home and Auto Financing.
If you need a Car, Home or Personal Financing, check out Al Rajhi’s offer to REDUCE YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENTS!!!Yes, just remember 3R’s! Refer, Reward, Rejoice!
Here’s How It Works!All you’ve got to do to Reduce the monthly payments on your Car, Home or Personal Financing is to Refer someone to take a Financing Package from Al Rajhi. Get rewarded after the person you refer makes PROMPT monthly payments and your financing can even be for FREE! The more people you Refer, the MORE YOU’LL RECEIVE and the less you will need to pay. It’s that simple!It’s Easy! Our WIN-WIN-WIN SOLUTION!

So, now you can say goodbye to all the stress caused by monthly commitments and also help your friends by introducing them to the Hottest Personal, Property & Auto Financing Packages from Al Rajhi! It’s Win-Win-Win Deal. They’ll be grateful you referred the best deals to them, you get rewarded and your monthly payments will be reduced and everyone rejoices!

It’s another Win-Win-Win Package from Al Rajhi, to make banking with us more enjoyable and rewarding!

The Chart above is for illustration purposes only. Figures may vary according to the amount of the Financing
Frequently Asked Questions
Click here to find answers to questions you may have on the Al Rajhi Friends & Family Program in our FAQ section.
To Apply Al Rajhi Friends & Family Program
Walk in to our nearest branch or sales office and fill-up the form.
Frequently Asked Questions
Click here to find answers to questions you may have on the Al Rajhi Friends & Family Program in our FAQ section.
To Apply Al Rajhi Friends & Family Program
Walk in to our nearest branch or sales office and fill-up the form.
In respect of the month of Ramadhan, there will be no AFF overview session in September. AFF overview session will resume on 15th October. Thank you.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the AFF Program is all about?

    AFF Program is a RISK-FREE, REFERRAL REWARD SYSTEM. It is an opportunity for you as a member to earn rewards by referring your friends and families to the bank. Cash rewards will be given to qualified members for every successful financing customer referred to the bank after they have made monthly payments of their obligations on time.

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  2. What are the benefits if I join this program?

    The program provides you an opportunity to earn passive income. If you are also our customer for Auto, Home or Personal financing, you can utilize your passive income from the program to REDUCE YOUR FINANCE PAYMENTS. Should you have sufficient customers under your referral, the passive income may be used to REDUCE your own monthly obligations. Members may also use this opportunity as a business to earn much higher passive income.

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  3. Who can join this program?

    AFF Program is open to all individuals, age 21 and above inclusive of Al Rajhi bank staff in Malaysia with the exception of the Bank’s staff who are attached to the Credit Underwriting Department, Credit Approval Committee and any other staff as provided in the relevant Bank’s policy.

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  4. How can I join this wonderful program?

    You may walk in to any of our branches or sales centre and request to register as an AFF Member. You may then apply to take our Auto, Home or Personal Financing from Al Rajhi, if necessary. As an AFF Member, you may then Refer your friends and your family members to apply for any one of Al Rajhi Bank’s Financing Products – PERSONAL Financing-i, AUTO Financing-i or HOME Financing-i. For each successful Referral, you will receive CASH REWARDS when the finance application of the referred customer is approved and once they make their Monthly Finance Payments promptly. These CASH REWARDS will be credited into your Account EVERY MONTH and you can accumulate them to REDUCE your own Finance Payments.

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  5. What should I do after I register as member?

    Congratulations! You may now start referring as many as possible of your friends and families to the AFF Program. These new customers will need to repeat what you have just done by referring more of their friends and families. You are encouraged to open at least a saving account for the bank to facilitate the payment of monthly incentive.

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  6. What are the conditions to be met in order to reap the Reward?

    It is very simple. The condition is that the Profit will only be shared if the monthly installments are paid promptly before or on the due date every month. Any Finance Payments in arrears will not entitle you to receive the Reward (This condition is to be met at anytime in order to reap the Referral Rewards). This profit will then be given out based on your type of membership.

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  7. Where will the profit come from?

    Every time, a member of AFF makes their monthly PROMPT payment, Al Rajhi will earn a certain profit amount. After deducting all the cost, the bank has decided to share a certain percentage of profit to the members. Al Rajhi believes in sharing and it will truly share its income. We value our business partners.

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  8. What are the categories of AFF membership?

    Basically, there are 3 categories of membership. Each classification is determined monthly based on the number of customers that you refer. Please see below for detailed explanation.

    Category of Membership Classification Criteria Payment of Accumulated Incentive (%)
    PREMIUM Refer and maintain 14 or less financing customers to the Bank within his/her four levels of network. 50%
    SPECTRUM Refer and maintain at least 15 financing customers to the Bank within his/her four levels of network. Out of 15 financing customers in the network, 4 of them have to be in Level 1 of the network. 75%
    TITAN Refer and maintain at least 35 financing customers with the Bank within his/her four levels of network. Out of 35 financing customers in the network, 4 of them have to be Spectrum members. 100%

    The percentage in the right column is to determine how much incentive to be credited into your account. For example, if your network brings you a total of RM1,500 referral income and if you are only a Premium member (determined by the number of members you bring in), you will only get 50% of the RM1,500. Therefore, for that particular month, you will get RM750 (50%).

    Refer to CHART A for more information

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  9. How can I check my membership category?

    We will send you the monthly membership statement to your registered address. You can also check via any of our branches or call to our customer service hotline.

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  10. What makes The AFF Program different from the referral schemes offered by other banks?

    In our AFF Program, we will reward the member so long as the friends and family that they refer still maintain his/her financing account with the Bank. As a general rule, their monthly installment should be paid on time every month. Other Bank’s referral program practice one-off incentive payment.

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  11. What is the difference between AFF and pyramid scheme?

    AFF is applying the concept of Ju’alah – “A unilateral contract promising a reward for the accomplishment of a specified task”. Member will not be rewarded by only referring others to join as members. Reward will only be shared if the member referred had applied and have been approved for financing. Members also are expected to remind the referred members to make their monthly installment payments on time. Therefore, there are certain activities that are expected to be performed.

    Whereas in the pyramid scheme, most of the time no product is involved and members will be rewarded solely based on referring others to join their network and at the same time request new members to pay certain sum of money.

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  12. I understand in Islamic banking, a reward is given upon completing a task. What is my responsibility in this program in order for me to reap the reward?

    This AFF Program is using the Ju’alah concept where a certain performance of duties will entitle the performer for certain benefits. First, you have to refer financing customers to the bank. And secondly, since you know the referred customers within your network, you are responsible to remind members to serve their installment on time. This activity is passed on to every member where eventually everyone will be reminded to make PROMPT payment.

    Only when PROMPT payment is made that the bank shall reward you and your team network accordingly.

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  13. What’s the best strategy to fully REDUCE my finance repayment?

    The system is not designed for you to only refer one customer and wait for the results. The system requires you to continue to refer your friends and families to the program and obtain financing from Al Rajhi Bank. You may refer to the calculation sheet where it tells you how much you can possibly earn from an assumed financing amount. You may then divide your monthly installment with these referral earnings. The results will tell you the minimum customers you need to refer to get the potential of having your monthly payment reduced. But please be reminded that you may only earn the referral income when the referred customers make PROMPT payment on or before the due date. Even if the referred customers make his monthly payment one day late of the actual date, that payment will NOT entitle you for the referral income.

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  14. How can I convert the AFF Program into an Income Generator for myself?

    After your monthly installment payments have been fully offset (if you do have existing financing from ARB) from the AFF Program, the balance Cash Rewards that are received monthly will continue to be accumulated until the end of financing tenure for all customers that you have referred. This will continue to become your additional income thus, the More you Refer, the More Cash Rewards you’ll receive and the Faster you’ll be able to Fully Reduce all your finance payments. That is your Additional Passive Income that you’ll enjoy!

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  15. Is the calculation transparent? Can I trust it?

    Definitely yes. Being trustworthy is a key element in keeping our integrity as an Islamic Bank. We value your trust with absolute priority and commitment. A monthly statement will be delivered to your doorstep to inform you the total number of members within your network and the reward that you earned for previous month.

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  16. Can I have a simulation on how the reward is being calculated?

    Refer to CHART B for more information

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  17. What will I receive once I register?

    You will be given a welcome pack and you have to acknowledge receipt by signing the acknowledgement form & submit back to the bank officer. A membership card will be delivered to you as per your account billing address within 2 weeks.

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  18. When will the RM50 joining fee be deducted from my account?

    The RM50 joining fee will be deducted from your account within three days after your membership application approved. The following year’s annual fee will be deducted 12 months later if no instruction is received from member for membership cancellation. The membership fees will be utilized as the cost of welcome pack and also continuous marketing support to be given to all members.

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  19. Should I pay cash for my joining fee to any member?

    No. No cash should be given to any member. Payment can only be done in the bank’s premises. The bank will not be responsible should any sum of money has been made outside the bank’s premises.

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  20. Can I request for the RM20 annual fee waiver?

    No waiver will be given for all active memberships as the money will be utilized for the AFF system enhancement and continued marketing support will be given to all members.

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  21. Can I have my joining fee/annual fee refunded if I decide to cancel my membership?

    The joining fee will not be refunded regardless of cancellation of membership by the bank or by the member. The annual fee will be refunded proportionately to the length of membership within that particular year.

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  22. What do I need to do if I lose my member card?

    You may visit any of our branches to fill in a card replacement form. Alternatively, you can also call to our customer service hotline to request for a fax copy of card replacement form. The new card will be delivered within 2 weeks time as per mailing address for banking account after card replacement form is received. A new card charge of RM5 will be levied on your account.

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  23. What is the use of the member card?

    Card can be used as proof of identity when customer walks in to branches to check for membership information. It is also a proof of ID when you negotiate to refer more friends and family. Additional functions on member card will be enhanced with many more benefits and privileges from time to time.

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  24. Must the application form be submitted in original or fax/photostatted copy?

    Only original copy submitted to the bank via different channels is acceptable. The bank does not accept fax or photostatted copies.

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  25. Will there be any penalty if I cancel my membership?

    No penalty for membership cancellation. However, annual fee will be refunded to member proportionately.

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  26. Do I need to renew my membership card?

    No renewal for membership card is required. However, the bank reserves the right to recall back the membership card when functional enhancement is required to be done on the card.

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  27. Is the category of membership printed on the membership card?

    No. Membership category will only be informed via monthly statement. One universal design of membership card will be used for members from all categories.

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  28. Can I request my short name printed on the member card?

    Yes. Name on card will be printed as per preferred name stated by member in the membership application form.

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  29. Once I received the membership card, do I need to activate it?

    No activation is required for the membership card.

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  30. How is the card going to be sent to me? Normal mail or registered mail?

    The card will be delivered via courier to members’ correspondence address within two weeks time after membership application is approved.

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  31. Can I request to collect the card at any branch?

    No. To make things easy in our operation, we will only deliver the card via courier. This is also to ensure that we maintain to monitor the cost so that the cost savings can be transferred to members’ benefits.

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  32. Is there any charges imposed if the card is lost during delivery?

    No charges will be imposed. However, customer needs to inform the bank if they have not received the card within two weeks after membership application is submitted.

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  33. Can we request for the AFF statement in the branches?

    No. Branches do not provide statement reprint service on the spot. However, member can call the customer service hotline to request for fax copy of the statement.

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  34. I would like to check my reward via internet banking. How do I know which transaction is the AFF reward?

    Transaction description for AFF reward in your account statement is “AFF Reward”.
    COOPERATIVE (Koperasi) Cases:

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  35. Can I refer customers that apply through a Cooperative?

    Yes. But you have to ensure applicant signs both financing application form and membership application form.

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  36. If a Cooperative customer’s installment is only credited at the end of the month when the due date is actually on the 1st, are they eligible to contribute to their referral?

    No. The reward will only be shared when prompt installment is made, ie. installments made on or before monthly due date.

    The following are examples of calculation payout for Vehicle Financing-i, Home Financing-i and Personal Financing-i. Please note that the profit to be shared will only be paid out if customers/members make PROMPT payment. Prompt payment is defined as payment made on or before the due date of every month.

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The Profits will be shared with the entitled Member based on certain conditions. The Overall Reward payable to a Member of the AFF Program depends on the category of Membership they belong to. The distributed Rewards are multi-layered. The level for each Networking Group is limited to 4 levels. If any Member on the 4th Level pays promptly, part of the Bank’s Monthly Net Profit will be distributed upwards.

Financing Amt : 60,000.00
Profit Charged : 3.00%
Term (Years) : 7
No. Due Date Installment (4.75%) COF Earned Profit Principal Repayment Profit after COF AFF Payout (9%) Payout/ Level
1 1-Feb-08 864.00 237.50 296.47 567.53 58.97 5.31 1.33
2 1-Mar-08 864.00 235.25 292.94 571.06 57.69 5.19 1.30
3 1-Apr-08 864.00 232.99 289.41 574.59 56.42 5.08 1.27
4 1-May-08 864.00 230.72 285.88 578.12 55.16 4.96 1.24
5 1-Jun-08 864.00 228.43 282.35 581.65 53.92 4.85 1.21
6 1-Jul-08 864.00 226.13 278.82 585.18 52.70 4.74 1.19
7 1-Aug-08 864.00 223.81 275.29 588.71 51.48 4.63 1.16
8 1-Sep-08 864.00 221.48 271.76 592.24 50.28 4.53 1.13
9 1-Oct-08 864.00 219.14 268.24 595.76 49.10 4.42 1.10
10 1-Nov-08 864.00 216.78 264.71 599.29 47.93 4.31 1.08
36 1-Jan-11 864.00 150.56 172.94 691.06 22.38 2.01 0.50
37 1-Feb-11 864.00 147.83 169.41 694.59 21.59 1.94 0.49
38 1-Mar-11 864.00 145.08 165.88 698.12 20.81 1.87 0.47
80 1-Dec-15 864.00 16.99 17.65 846.35 0.66 0.06 0.01
81 1-Jan-16 864.00 13.64 14.12 849.88 0.48 0.04 0.01
82 1-Feb-16 864.00 10.27 10.56 853.41 0.32 0.03 0.01
83 1-Mar-16 864.00 6.89 7.06 856.94 0.17 0.01 0.00
84 1-Apr-16 864.00 3.50 3.53 884.47 0.03 0.00 0.00
  • Figures shown in RINGGIT MALAYSIA (RM)
  • * Figures are for illustration purposes only; actual reward amount might vary due to changes of cost of fund rates or profit rates.


Financing Amt : 500,000.00
Profit Charged : 6.40%
Term (Years) : 20
No. Due Date Installment (5.60%) COF Earned Profit Principal Repayment Profit after COF AFF Payout (10%) Payout/ Level
1 1-Feb-08 3,698.49 2,333.33 2,666.67 1,031.82 333.33 33.33 8.33
2 1-Mar-08 3,698.49 2,328.52 2,661.16 1,037.32 332.65 33.26 8.32
3 1-Apr-08 3,698.49 2,323.68 2,655.63 1,042.86 331.95 33.20 8.30
4 1-May-08 3,698.49 2,318.81 2,650.07 1,048.42 331.26 33.13 8.28
5 1-Jun-08 3,698.49 2,313.92 2,644.48 1,054.01 330.56 33.06 8.26
6 1-Jul-08 3,698.49 2,309.00 2,638.86 1,059.63 329.86 32.99 8.25
7 1-Aug-08 3,698.49 2,304.05 2,633.21 1,065.28 329.15 32.92 8.23
8 1-Sep-08 3,698.49 2,299.08 2,627.52 1,070.96 328.44 32.84 8.21
9 1-Oct-08 3,698.49 2,294.09 2,621.81 1,076.68 327.73 32.77 8.19
10 1-Feb-08 3,698.49 2,289.06 2,616.07 1,082.42 327.01 32.70 8.18
60 1-Apr-13 3,698.49 2,000.49 2,286.28 1,412.21 285.78 28.58 7.14
61 1-May-13 3,698.49 1,993.90 2,278.75 1,419.74 284.84 28.48 7.12
234 1-Aug-27 3,698.49 118.28 135.18 3,563.31 16.90 1.69 0.42
235 1-Sep-27 3,698.49 101.65 116.17 3,582.31 14.52 1.45 0.36
236 1-Oct-27 3,698.49 84.93 97.07 3,601.42 12.13 1.21 0.30
237 1-Nov-27 3,698.49 68.13 77.86 3,620.63 9.73 0.97 0.24
238 1-Dec-27 3,698.49 51.23 58.55 3,639.94 7.32 0.73 0.18
239 1-Jan-28 3,698.49 34.25 39.14 3,659.35 4.89 0.49 0.12
240 1-Feb-28 3,698.49 17.17 19.62 3,678.87 2.45 0.25 0.06
  • Figures shown in RINGGIT MALAYSIA (RM)
  • * Figures are for illustration purposes only; actual reward amount might vary due to changes of cost of fund rates or profit rates.


Financing Amt : 10,000.00
Profit Charged : 8.50%
Term (Years) : 5
No. Due Date Installment (4.40%) COF Earned Profit Principal Repayment Profit after COF AFF Payout (12.5%) Payout/ Level
1 1-Feb-08 238.00 36.67 139.34 98.66 102.68 12.59 3.15
2 1-Mar-08 238.00 36.30 137.02 100.98 100.72 12.59 3.15
3 1-Apr-08 238.00 35.93 134.70 103.30 98.76 12.35 3.09
4 1-May-08 238.00 35.56 132.38 105.62 96.82 12.10 3.03
5 1-Jun-08 238.00 35.17 130.05 107.95 94.89 11.86 2.97
6 1-Jul-08 238.00 34.77 127.73 110.27 92.96 11.62 2.90
7 1-Aug-08 238.00 34.37 125.41 112.59 91.04 11.38 2.85
8 1-Sep-08 238.00 33.96 123.09 114.91 89.13 11.14 2.79
9 1-Oct-08 238.00 33.53 120.77 117.23 87.23 10.90 2.73
10 1-Nov-08 238.00 33.10 118.44 119.56 85.34 10.67 2.67
36 1-Jan-10 238.00 18.94 58.06 179.94 39.12 4.89 1.22
37 1-Feb-11 238.00 18.28 55.74 182.26 37.46 4.68 1.17
38 1-Mar-11 238.00 17.61 53.42 184.58 35.80 4.48 1.12
39 1-Apr-11 238.00 16.93 51.09 186.91 34.16 4.27 1.07
54 1-Nov-12 238.00 5.76 16.26 221.74 10.50 1.31 0.33
55 1-Dec-12 238.00 4.95 13.93 224.07 8.99 1.12 0.28
56 1-Jan-13 238.00 4.13 11.61 226.39 7.49 0.94 0.23
57 1-Feb-13 238.00 3.30 9.29 228.71 5.99 0.75 0.19
58 1-Mar-13 238.00 2.46 6.97 231.03 4.51 0.56 0.14
59 1-Mar-13 238.00 1.61 4.64 233.36 3.04 0.38 0.09
60 1-Apr-13 208.00 0.75 2.32 205.68 1.57 0.20 0.05

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