The Iraqi Dinar

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The Iraqi Dinar: Everyone is talking about the Dinar, people are investing in the new currency, but is it a hoax or is the Iraq’s New Money really a way to get rich quick? We expose the truth, show you how to spot the fakes and explain what the dinar really costs should you decide to move forward.

Thinking about investing in the Dinar? Consider this; say you purchased 146,000 in 2004 at a price of $100 US Dollars, that investment would put you $29 in the hole!

When you purchased the Iraqi Dinar, you, like everyone else, paid a premium of $40 ($30 markup, $10 shipping). The Dinar did in fact go up $22 (26,000 dinar), but inflation cost you $11, giving an end figure of -$29 ($51-$22). Had you purchased a 4% CD at your local bank, you would have made $9 (that’s really $20 less $11 inflation). End Result: CD yields $9, Dinar yields $-29

You’ll see many sites dedicated to the Iraqi Dinar displaying graphs that are seriously skewed and include the Old Iraqi Dinar that is no longer in circulation or even based on the Dinar alone without comparing US values.

Value of the Iraqi Dinar Take a look at the chart to the left, this is what you should really be looking at!

In this chart, we look at the growth of Iraqi money in US Dollars from 2004 to 2008 and compare that to the rate of inflation which is .13 for that period.

Looks pretty bad, doesn’t it? I’ll bet that if you take a look at other sites you won’t find charts like this one! Why, because a chart like this clearly shows the real value of the Dinar.

Here is the pitch used:
‘In October of 2004, $1 USD would buy you 1,460 Iraqi Dinar (IQD). That same $1 in 2008 will buy you only 1,200 IQD’.

Looks good right, but the trick is to get the number 260 in your head and draw your attention away from how it should really read, which is:
‘Had you invested $1 dollar into IQD back in 2004, you would have lost .32 cents’

Doesn’t sound very good when you consider a .21 profit and adjust for inflation (.13), shipping, handling and markup (.40 based on a $100 purchase)), does it? (.21 less (.40+.13))

When I first heard about the Iraqi Dinar, I was skeptical and at the same time felt that I could be on to something big! If Iraq’s money increased enough in value, I could be a Millionaire! I felt a sense of urgency to buy before I missed my opportunity.

I set out to find as much information as I could and within no time at all, I was overwhelmed with hyped-up sites and forums promoting the currency. With my false sense of urgency nagging at me, I decided to dive in and buy 250,000 Iraqi Dinar. At the time I thought it was a great price, but later discovered I paid way too much. In fact, I should have never bought that money in the first place!

If you feel rushed to get in on Iraq’s new money, then review this site first – THERE IS NO RUSH!!! You should check out my dinar eBook. It’s packed with open and honest information that will bring you up to speed on the Iraqi Dinar. It’s easy to read and will show you the true risks of the Iraqi Money. If you still feel the need to purchase after reading the book, then you’ll have the information to obtain it safely.

Dinar Money Dinar – The Fakes!

We provide you with information and resources to help obtain Iraqi Dinar Safely. There are a ton of shady sites offering to sell you Dinar’s below market price, the catch is that many are fake! Counterfeit Dinars are big business and you need to know how to spot the fakes.

We have some great pictures of the Iraq’s new money, seals, watermarks and more. We’ll explain how anyone can review their currency and verify authenticity.

The old Iraqi dinars with the picture of Suddam are not the money you want – it’s the new money issued by the Central Bank of Iraq on October 15, 2003 that investors are seeking. Dinar denominations of 50, 250, 1000, 5000, 10000, & 25000 are available.

The new Iraqi Dinar, pictures of 50,250,1000,5000,10000,25000 Notes.

Iraqi Dinar in 50 and 250 Notes
50 Iraqi Dinar250 Iraqi Dinar

Iraqi Dinar in 1,000 and 5,000 Notes
1000 Iraqi Dinar5000 Iraqi Dinar

Iraqi Dinar in 10,000 and 25,000 Notes
10,000 Iraqi Dinar25,000 Iraqi Dinar

These new dinars printed by De La Rue, contain some of the most up-to-date anti-counterfeit features, including watermarks, a security thread, raised letters, an optical variable ink and other variations to thwart off counterfeiters.

Iraq Money Is Iraqi Dinar Legal?

Yes, it is – there is a lot of controversy over buying Iraqi Dinars. Presidential Order 13303 allows US Citizens to invest in the New Iraq. Under this Order and the Coalition Provisional Government Order 39, a US citizen has the same rights to investments as an Iraqi citizen. In fact, you can pick up Iraq Money at your local bank here in the US!

The Iraqi Dinar is a BIG risk and you are gambling that the government in Iraq will pull together and start profiting from its rich oil resources. If it does, then your investment could pay off – that is a BIG IF!

How much should you spend?

Exactly how much should you pay, the acceptable markup and where you should buy Iraq money from is within this site. Right now, you’ll find prices ranging from $680 to $1,200 for 1 million IQD. Why the broad range in price? Some sellers don’t include shipping costs, insurance or other fees in their initial price while others just like big markup!

Some dealers will even use smaller bills with many being heavily worn or damaged – Many banks will not accept Iraqi Dinar that is in poor or damaged condition; unscrupulous dealers purchase these damaged dinars for next to nothing, then insert them into a good batch and sell the currency for less than average (not such a good deal!)

Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate

Use our Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate tool to help find out exactly how much you should be paying for your Dinar. It’s easy to use, just enter the amount of Iraq money you want to buy, then select Iraqi Dinar to US Dollar and click convert.

If you find yourself paying more than the going Dinar Exchange Rate plus a little for shipping, you are paying too much! Our exchange rate calculator also works for any other world currency as well, a very handy tool for currency trading!

You’ll find a ton of useful information on this site. Read, learn and understand the true risks of the Iraqi Dinar. If you don’t want to look around and spend time compiling information about the Dinar, then get the ebook – it gets right to the point and covers all the bases!

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I’ve actually bought some new Iraqi dinars I’m just going to hang on to them and see what happens.

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