Why I Stopped Working From Home

Posted on 21 October 2008. Filed under: Finance | Tags: , |

from Work at Home with Gobala Krishnan by Gobala Krishnan

Early this year, I got myself a real office, bought some furniture and computer hardware,
built a small team, and took my “home based” business to the next level. It cost me a bomb
but have never regretted it - and I’ll tell you why. A lot of people since have asked me why
I no longer work from home. It’s a choice I made based on several compelling reasons.
Keep in mind that I have been working from home full time for about two years before
making the leap. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with working from home – don’t panic
if you’re home based! My reasons are pretty simple actually:
* I wanted to build a team – I want to build a team of people, and it wasn’t possible to do
that from home. I was working one year by myself, then I had some part time team members
and eventually now I have two full-time team members. This is my most important reason
for starting an office.
* I was losing concentration – It’s pretty easy to push yourself forward when you’re
“working in your underwear” so to speak. Money was no longer an issue and I was getting
pretty lazy with a lot of other distractions on my mind. Productivity was going down the
drain. Working at home can get pretty lonely sometimes too.
* My offline business needs – I’m also into a lot of offline events this year including my
coaching sessions in Malaysia. I also published a book so it would make more sense for
my customers to have an office address they can mail to and drop by, just in case they
needed some help. I used to stay at home a lot because it took a lot of will power to get
dressed and go out (for work purposes) but now I have better access to most companies I
need to deal with for my business, and I’m also ready to just get in my car and drop by their
location if need be.I still do work from home, but rarely. I’m currently living in a rented apartment
which is pretty uncomfortable to work in. Plus the TV is only a few steps away. However, I’ve already
bought a new apartment which I’ll be moving into early next year. In that apartment I will re-create
my working space so that I can work from both my office, and at home too. There was this
strong connection to working from home, especially when I teach people how to make money online
while working from home. That’s exactly what I did too till December 2007 and I was already making
a stable five-figure income from the Internet by then. But my journey isn’t complete and this is the route
I must take. Who knows what the ultimate destination may be? It might bring me to a different country,
it may even bring me back to my home office. source ;=) http://www.gobalakrishnan.com/

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