Groups of Business Leaders, Advisor and Leverage.

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Groups of Business Leaders, Advisor and Leverage.


1.      Pendaftaran Perniagaan Pemilik Tunggal.

2.      Pendaftaran Perniagaan Pemilik Perkongsian.

3.      Pendaftaran Kementerian Kewangan (MOF).

4.      Pendaftaran Status  Bumiputera  di Kementerian Kewangan (PMS) dan E-perolehan.

5.      Pembaharuan Pendaftaran.

6.      Permohonan Tambah Bidang.

7.      Penyediaan Pofail Syarikat.

8.      Kemudahan Kemaskini Profil Pembekal

9.      Penyediaan Kertas Kerja / Proposal Permohonan Pinjaman.

10.  Penyediaan Plan Perniagaan.

11.  Pendaftaran Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor PKK, CIDB.

12.   Akaun Syarikat Enterprise dan Sdn Bhd.

13.   Akaun / Pengiraan Cukai (INCOME TAX) Syarikat dan Individu.

14.   Agensi Pencari Pekerjaan.

15.  Agensi Peluang Pendidikan di IPTS.

Sila hubungi:  088-243069 (Office) atau agen – agen kami 019-8612758 – Abd Latiff Hj. Muluk untuk mendapatkan khidmat nasihat , bimbingan bidang perniagaan yang ingin diceburi  atau datang sendiri ke pejabat operasi kami di Lot 2, Blok A, Taman Keramat, Km.4 jalan Tuaran Lama, 88400 Kota Kinabalu untuk keterangan lebih lanjut.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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One-stop Job centre for Government and private sectors in Sabah

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Job Portal's Banner

Sabah Job Centre (SJC), One-stop Job centre for Government and private sectors in SabahSJC serves as the integrated hub for Government, Private sectors and citizens, for employment opportunities, jobseeker’s resumes, career information and advice, training courses, continous professional development (CPD) programs. SJCN is the offical website forSabah State Government to broadcast articles, statistics and discussions regarding employment trends in Sabah

We connect jobseekers and employers together with using one of the various channels below:

A. Job Centre. Be physically present at the Job Centre. Here is the location map

B. Call in using 1-300-88-2010 to the Call Centre for assistance

C. Submit e-mail on enquiries

D. SMS (if it is decided to be included in the initial implementation)

E. Web chat Click here to connect you to have live web chat with our call center

F. Fax

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Top 200 Universities

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QS.com Asian University Rankings 2009

Top 200 Universities



2009 rank School Name Country

Source: QS Quacquarelli Symonds (www.qs.com
Copyright © 2004-2009 QS Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd.
Click here for copyright and limitations on use.

1 University of HONG KONG Hong Kong
2 The CHINESE University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
3 University of TOKYO Japan
4 HONG KONG University of Science and Tech… Hong Kong
5 KYOTO University Japan
6 OSAKA University Japan
7 KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Scie… Korea, South
8 SEOUL National University Korea, South
9 TOKYO Institute of Technology Japan
10= National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore
10= PEKING University China
12 NAGOYA University Japan
13 TOHOKU University Japan
14 Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore
15= KYUSHU University Japan
15= TSINGHUA University China
17 Pohang University of Science and Technol… Korea, South
18 CITY University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
19 University of TSUKUBA Japan
20= HOKKAIDO University Japan
20= KEIO University Japan
22 National TAIWAN University Taiwan
23 KOBE University Japan
24 University of Science and Technology of … China
25 YONSEI University Korea, South
26 FUDAN University China
27 NANJING University China
28 HIROSHIMA University Japan
29 SHANGHAI JIAO TONG University China
30= Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (I… India
30= MAHIDOL University Thailand
32 ZHEJIANG University China
33 KOREA University Korea, South
34 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (I… India
35 CHULALONGKORN University Thailand
36 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (II… India
37 WASEDA University Japan
38 The HONG KONG Polytechnic University Hong Kong
39 Universiti Malaya (UM) Malaysia
40 National TSING HUA University Taiwan
41 CHIBA University Japan
42 EWHA WOMANS University Korea, South
43 National CHENG KUNG University Taiwan
44 SUNGKYUNKWAN University Korea, South
45 NAGASAKI University Japan
46 HANYANG University Korea, South
47 National YANG MING University Taiwan
48 TOKYO Metropolitan University Japan
49 Indian Institute of Technology Madras (I… India
50 University of INDONESIA Indonesia
51 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Malaysia
52 SHOWA University Japan
53 KUMAMOTO University Japan
54 YOKOHAMA NATIONAL University Japan
55 YOKOHAMA CITY University Japan
56 OKAYAMA University Japan
57 KYUNG HEE University Korea, South
58 PUSAN National University Korea, South
59 GIFU University Japan
60 University of DELHI India
61 SOGANG University Korea, South
62 KANAZAWA University Japan
63= Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (… India
63= OSAKA CITY University Japan
63= Universitas GADJAH MADA Indonesia
63= University of the PHILIPPINES Philippines
67 TOKYO University of Science (TUS) Japan
68 GUNMA University Japan
69 Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Malaysia
70 TIANJIN University China
71 National SUN YAT-SEN University Taiwan
72 National TAIWAN University of Science an… Taiwan
73 Hong Kong BAPTIST University Hong Kong
74 National CHIAO TUNG University Taiwan
75 XI’AN JIAOTONG University China
76 DE LA SALLE University Philippines
77 National CENTRAL University Taiwan
78 NIIGATA University Japan
79 OCHANOMIZU University Japan
80 BANDUNG Institute of Technology (ITB) Indonesia
81 CHIANG MAI University Thailand
82= KYUNGPOOK National University Korea, South
82= Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Malaysia
84 Ateneo de MANILA University Philippines
85 THAMMASAT University Thailand
86 TOKAI University Japan
87 MIE University Japan
88 CHONNAM National University Korea, South
89 KAGOSHIMA University Japan
90 Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Malaysia
91 CHANG GUNG University Taiwan
92 INHA University Korea, South
93 TOKYO University of Agriculture and Tech… Japan
94 TONGJI University China
95 SOUTHEAST University China
96 HITOTSUBASHI University Japan
97 CHONBUK National University Korea, South
98 AJOU University Korea, South
99 CHUNGNAM National University Korea, South
100 University of PUNE India
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General Trading Guidelines

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Plan your trade and trade your plan:

 You must have a trading plan to succeed. A trading plan should consist of a position, why you enter, stop loss point, profit taking level, plus a sound money management strategy. A good plan will remove all the emotions from your trades. The trend is your friend: Do not buck the trend. When the market is bullish, go long. On the reverse, if the market is bearish, you short. Never go against the trend.

Focus on capital preservation:

This is the most important step that you must take when you deal with your trading capital. You main goal is to preserve the capital. Do not trade more than 10% of your deposit in a single trade. For example, if your total deposit is $10,000, every trade should limit to $1000. If you don’t do this, you’ll be out of the market very soon.

Know when to cut loss:

If a trade goes against you, sell it and let go. Do not hold on to a bad trade hoping that the price will go up. Most likely, you end up losing more money. Before you enter a trade, decide your stop loss price, a price where you must sell when the trade turns sour. It depends on your risk profile as of how much you should set for the stop loss.

Take profit when the trade is good:

 Before entering a trade decide how much profit you are willing to take. When a trade turns out to be good, take the profit. You can take profit all at one go, or take profit in stages. When you’ve recovered your trading cost, you have nothing to lose. Sit tight and watch the profit run.

Be emotionless:

Two biggest emotions in trading: greed and fear. Do not let greed and fear influence your trade. Trading is a mechanical process and it’s not for the emotional ones. As Dr. Alexander Elder said in his book “Trading For A Living”, if you sit next to a successful trader and observe him or her, you might not be able to tell whether he or she is making or losing money. That’s how emotionally stable a successful trader is.

Do not trade based on tips from other people:

Trade only when you have done your own research. Be an informed trader. Keep a trading journal: When you buy a market instrument, write down the reasons why you buy, and your feelings at that time. You do the same when you sell. Analyze and write down the mistakes you’ve made, as well as things that you’ve done right. By referring to your trading journal, you learn from your past mistakes. Improve on your mistakes, keep learning and keep improving.

When in doubt, stay out:

When you have doubt and not sure where the market is going, stay on the sideline. Sometimes, doing nothing is the best thing to do.

Do not overtrade:

Ideally you should have 3-5 positions at a time. No more than that. If you have too many positions, you tend to be out of control and make emotional decisions when there is a change in market. Do not trade for the sake of trading.

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Kursus Masakan Dan Pemprosesan Makanan Untuk Usahawan Negeri Sabah Siri 2 (2008).

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Kursus Masakan Dan Pemprosesan Makanan
Untuk Usahawan Negeri Sabah Siri 2 (2008).

Atas permintaan ramai, Dato’ Dr Hj Rusly Abdullah (CHEF LI) akan datang lagi ke Likas Square, Kota
Kinabalu, untuk meneruskan siri kursus yang ditunggu-tunggu ini! Kali ini dengan tambahan modul baru.
Selain mengajar kemahiran beliau juga memberi motivasi, tips dan rahsia untuk berjaya! Bacalah bukubuku
‘BEST SELLER’ beliau seperti – Jutawan Senyap, Petunjuk Jalan Kekayaan, Biar Kecil Asalkan
Berhasil, Orang Kaya Bertaqwa dan Aku Tak Nak Miskin. Anda pasti teruja untuk menemuinya
16 Nov
Nasi Ayam Hainan dan Lemon Chicken
Kenali herba Hainan, Cara panggang ayam Hainan guna Apollo, masak nasi, sup,sos, kicap dan salad. Cara buat lemon chicken dan sesame chicken.
Industri Produk Soya Cara Proses Susu soya, Tau fu fah, Tau Kua (Tauhu Putih) dan fucuk
17 Nov
Nasi Lemak dgn 25jenis
Pelajari cara masakan cepat, tepat dan jimat 25 jenis lauk pauk seperti rendang,sambal tumis, sambal goreng lodeh, kuzi, kerutub, goreng berlada dll.
Aiskrim Colek Cara memproses aiskrim colek (Scoop) pelbagai warna dan perisa.Sesuai untuk mulakan industri kecil di rumah. Kadar untung melebihi 1000%.
18 Nov
Aneka Nasi Katering Panduan memasak nasi briyani, briyani gam, briyani bakar, nasi hujan panas,
kurma kambing, opor ayam, acar rampai, dalca, ayam beriani dan daging bukhari
Yong Tau Fu, Dim Sum & Steamboat Memproses isi ikan menjadi fishball, fishcake, stuffed vegetable, variasi dim sum,
kuah pedas, kuah hitam, kuah sup dan persediaan steamboat.
19 Nov
Nasi Dagang, Nasi
Kerabu & Nasi Ulam
Cara campur beras dagang, cara masak nasi, gulai ikan tongkol, kerutub ayam, cili
sumbat, daging goreng,acar dagang, kerabu kerisek, sambal belacan dan ulaman.
Industri Mi Dan Laksa Cara memproses mi kuning, mi sanggul, Yee Mee dan laksa beras
20 Nov
Nasi Kukus, Nasi Bringin
Dan Ayam Goreng
Pelajari 3 jenis ayam goreng serta sos paling laris di KL– Ayam Goreng Rempah, Ayam Mamak dan Ayam USA, nasi kukus , nasi beringin dengan gulai kawah.
Industri Rempah,
Belacan dan kerisek
Cara proses serbuk kari, kurma, rempah briyani, rempah sup, kerutub, opor dan cara buat belacan merah, cili boh, cili giling, kerisek kelapa.
21 Nov
Aneka Menu Mee Mi Rebus Johor, Mi Bandung Muar, Mi Kari Ipoh, Char Kue Teow, Mi Kuah Penang, Mi Goreng Mamak, Mi Ketam dan Mi Udang Seberang Perai.
Industri Sos dan kicap Pengeluaran sos cili, sos tomato, sos tiram, mayonaise dan kicap soya.
22 Nov
Roti Dan Pastri Asas pembuatan roti sandwich, roti bun sosej, bun sambal, bun kelapa, bun ubi kentang (Potato), cream puff, Puff Pastry dan croissant
Medan Ikan bakar dan aneka nasi goreng
Teknik membuat sos bagan, sos asam, sos nyonya dan cara membakar ikan dan hasilan laut. Nasi goreng China, USA, Kampung , cendawan dan seafood.
23 Nov
Aneka Kek Dan Muffin Asas pembuatan kek, chilled mango Cheese cake, kek kukus, tiramisu,Rolled Dam chiffon, brownies, banana muffin, Chocolate Muffin
Sate, Sup, Soto dan
Cara potong, perap dan cucuk daging sate. Cara buat ketupat dan kuah sate kajang.sebagai tambahan pelajari Soto Madura dan penyediaan bakso sapi.
24 Nov
Roti Canai, Murtabak dan
Cara uli, perap dan tebar roti canai, roti boom, murtabak dan roti tisu. Cara buat kuah dalca, inti murtabak, jeruk bawang dan sambar. Cara buat thosai
Masakan Barat dan
Black pepper steak, fish and chip, lamb chop, mushroom soup with garlic bread,Beef teppanyaki, Seafood Teppanyaki, Chicken chop dan continental sauces.
25 Nov
Ukiran buah- buahan dan masakan pengantin
Teknik mengukir buah untuk gubahan hidangan VIP dan Pengantin. Menu mewah terpilih: Ikan Raja Sehari, Ingkung Raja, Salad Udang, Gorengan Diraja dgn sos
Masakan China Mongolian Beef Rice, Kowloon Island Rice, Hairpin Prawn, KungFu Noodle, Char H or Fun, Sichuan Fried Fish, Nyonya Dumpling, Claypot Rice and Claypot soup.
26 Nov
Fozen Food Donut, Pau Putih, Karipap Pusing, Samosa, Mini Murtabak, Mini Pizza
Masakan Thai & Panas 5 jenis tomyam, kerabu thai, padprik, daging merah, ikan kukus, ikan dgn sos Thai, Ketam masak Chili, kailan ikan masin, Shongkla Chapchai
27 Nov
Makanan jajaan Keropok lekor dan keropok losong dgn sos, apam balik, kuih Jepun, Popia Pulau Pinang (Cara Buat Kulit, Inti dan Sos), Otak-otak Johor.
Menu Kopitiam Cara buat 2 jenis seri-kaya kopitiam, roti bakar arang, telur ½ masak, Roti bakar madu, mi goreng hailam, kari ayam hailam, TehTarik,Tehsi, Cham dan kopi
28 Nov
Biskut dan Cookies Almond London, Tart Gulung Nenas, Orange Coconut Cookies, Hazelnut Cookies, Cherry Rosset, Black Sesame Cookies, Oat Cookies and Bubble Rice Cookies
Cincau, Tempe, Taugeh Cara proses cincau, tugeh, tempe, Jelly Kelapa dan dadih aneka perisa
29 Nov
Makanan Tradisional Bahulu, batang buruk, tumpi, rempeyek, maruku dan kueh gunting.
Rojak , Cendol dan Minuman Jajaan
Cara buat kuah dan isi rojak – antaranya masala vade, kueh kelapa, kuih dal, seafood snacks. Cara proses isi cendol dan 5 jenis minuman jajaan.

Kursus diadakan di Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. setiap hari dua sesi dia diakan iaitu sesi pagi (P): 9.00 pagi hingga

5.00 petang, dan juga sesi malam (M): 4.00 petang hingga 8.30 malam. Anda boleh menyertai mana-mana

modul pilihan anda. Diskaun 10% akan diberikan kepada pasanagn suami isteri, 5% untuk bengkel ketiga dan

10% diskaun untuk 5 modul keatas. Sijil dikeluarkan oleh Institut Teknologi Kulinari Anjung Utara.

Telefon 03 55112240 atau 03 55110977

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