20 usahawan luar bandar terima RM400,000

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20 usahawan luar bandar terima RM400,000 bantuan dari kerajaan

5th November, 2008 KOTA KINABALU: Seramai 20 usahawan luar bandar dari seluruh daerah Sabah telah menerima RM400,000 bantuan dari kerajaan untuk memulakan perniagaan secara kecil-kecilan.

Usahawan yang terpilih menerima bantuan maksima RM20,000 seorang itu di bawah Kementerian Pembangunan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah (KPLBW) itu telah berlangsung baru-baru ini.

Penolong Pengarah Kemajuan Masyarakat (Kemas) Wan Assim Bin Wan Shekh memberitahu wartawan New Sabah Times semasa majlis penutupan Kursus Latihan Bimbingan Usahawan Zon Sabah di Borneo Paradise Beach Hotel kelmarin.

“Dua puluh usahawan yang terpilih dari seluruh daerah Sabah menerima bantuan itu untuk memulakan perniagaan atas bidang perniagaan yang mereka ceburi,” kata Wan Assim.

Kemas telah mengadakan kursus dan berjaya melahirkan berpuluh ribu orang usahawan tempatan terutama mereka yang berasal dari kawasan luar bandar sejak Kemas ditubuhkan pada tahun 1961.

Kerajaan melalui KPLBW akan terus memberi bantuan kepada usahawan yang ingin menceburkan diri dan berjaya dalam bidang keusahawanan dan perniagaan dan keutamaan akan diberkan kepada mereka yang menamatkan pelbagai kursus yang dianjurkan oleh Kemas.

Beliau berkata kemas mengadakan kursus latihan bimbingan usahawan dua kali setahun bertujuan untuk memberi galakan kepada usahawan luar bandar meneceburi bidang perniagaan.

“Bantuan yang diberikan oleh kerajaan bertujuan untuk memperbaiki kehidupan dan pendapatan usahawan luar bandar,” kata Wan Assim.

Dalam ucapannya Wan Assim memberi ga-lakan kepada peserta yang menyertai kursus itu supaya menggunakan pengetahuan yang dipelajari dari kursus yang mereka hadiri dan mengambil tindakan selanjutnya.

“Usahawan luar bandar harus berani menerima cabaran dan mempromosikan produk mereka di pasaran dalam dan luar negeri,” tambah Wan Assim.

Pelbagai jenis kursus dan latihan yang dikendalikan oleh Kemas antara lain ialah kursus menjahit, memproses makanan, kelas menjahit dan lain-lain.

Seramai 48 usahawan lelaki dan wanita termasuk mereka yang sedang dalam latihan kemas menghadiri kursus latihan bimbingan usahawan berkenaan.

SUMBER DARI : http://www.newsabahtimes.com.my/nstweb/fullstory/23177


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We are in the dark: Scrap dealers

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Kota Kinabalu: The Sabah Scrap Metals Recycle Association (SSMRA) regrets the State Local Government and Housing Ministry’s failure to provide it with a guideline on business procedures with Sabah’s sole exporter of scrap metal, Superpanel Sdn Bhd.

Its President, Jennifer Hiew, said with the deadline on the implementation of the new policy on scrap metal on Nov. 1, members have yet to be given any details about Superpanel.

Superpanel, a newly established Government-linked Company (GLC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sabah Housing and Town Development Authority (SHTDA).

It was appointed as the sole exporter of scrap metals and recyclables in the State following a State Cabinet decision on Aug. 6, this year, as a measure to resolve the serious metal thefts in the State.

A directive was issued to all local authorities in the State on Sept. 26 instructing them to stop renewing existing trading licences and against issuing new ones.

Effective Nov. 1, applicants for scrap metal trading licence must first be registered with Superpanel which also has the power to approve.

“But with only one day before the Nov. 1 deadline, the Ministry has not given us a proper guideline on how we are supposed to work with Superpanel.

“Yet they have proceeded to stop the renewal of our trading licence which has indefinitely put us out of business,” she said in a statement.

According to her, many members were forced to cease operations after they received the notification on Oct. 22, informing them of the Ministry’s directive.

The members “were not only furious but were also upset” because Superpanel could not provide any information about the company’s setup and operating procedure.

Superpanel, during a meeting with SSMRA arranged by City Hall Director-General Datuk Dr Chua Kim Hing Oct. 28, said it was still waiting for instructions from the Local Government and Housing Minister on how to go about dealing with scrap metal dealers.

According to Jennifer, the move to appoint a sole exporter was monopolistic, unfair, cruel and inhumane and contradicted the caring image of the Barisan Nasional (BN).

“The BN Government like any caring government around the world, should by right, strive to assist legitimate businesses during the current economic crisis and depression instead of depriving us at the expense of a privileged few,” she said.

She said the action has far-reaching implications on society as a whole as the majority of those involved in the scrap metal trade are poor and still servicing bank loans.

She claimed the Ministry’s rationale that the sole exporter move was aimed at stopping metal thefts in the State does not hold water and was questionable.

“Can the company (Superpanel) guarantee there will be no more metal thefts after it starts operating?” she asked.

She regretted that the Ministry proceeded with its decision despite strong objections from industry players who had shown their commitment through the establishment of the SSMRA and the “19-points proposals” on how to tackle the thefts.

The SSMRA, she said, questioned the Ministry’s motive for the Superpanel to take full control in the export of scrap metals and other recyclables in the State.

She hoped Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman would intervene. “If all avenues are exhausted, the association will be considering seeking legal means to address the matter.” The association has 46 members statewide.

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